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Chargify, the only billing system built specifically for B2B SaaS, is now one of the first to offer true prepaid subscriptions with threshold billing. Bill like an industry leader by transforming your billing strategy.

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The world of B2B SaaS billing is changing.

Today’s customers are more informed than ever, which means successful B2B SaaS companies need new ways to align their billing to the value their product provides. Usage Based Billing is an industry-leading pricing strategy that offers this transparency to customers.

But how can B2B SaaS companies offer these powerful tools without losing their safety net of predictable revenue? Prepaid Subscriptions.

Prepaid Subscriptions allow you to offer the power of usage-based models while maintaining the predictability of recurring revenue. 

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Billing Built for B2B SaaS

Specialized billing and data management tools to give you the competitive edge.

From simple subscriptions to complex usage & events-based models, make sure you have the flexibility to bill, rate, & invoice the way you want. You think it, We bill it.

Billing & Events Usage

Subscription Management

From sign-up to everything that comes after, leverage our structures and automation to increase your customer retention, satisfaction, and growth.


Close your books without hassle using the right level of data in whichever system you need it.


Know and understand your revenue, product, and customer trends. Dive deep into the data you need across every role in the organization.

We’ll start by understanding your business goals, current pricing strategy, and billing process. Our goal is to assess what’s working and identify areas of improvement.

Then, we’ll help you build out a billing strategy and process optimized for your product, clients, and business needs.

You’ll come away confident in your decision to work with Chargify as your B2B SaaS billing partner.

Over $3 billion in recurring revenue managed annually for B2B SaaS companies.

As we continue to grow and introduce more complexity into our plans and pricing models, we needed a subscription billing provider that was designed for our needs—current and future. We evaluated all the solutions on the market and Chargify was the best option for us.

Nicole Jacobson

Director of Marketing at Mailgun

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